1. Translation

  2. Translation is at the forefront of growing globalisation. As Chinese enterprises become global and foreign businesses expand into China, they need the help of local linguists to understand the regulatory frameworks, cultural differences and the necessity to build relationships with stakeholders in order to achieve success.

    Sinolinguist provides professional and certified translation services. All our translators have at least five or more years’ experience, and have the target languages as their mothertongue. Through a sound project management system, we can guarantee that you will receive high-quality translations within any given period of time. Our translation team has completed thousands of documents in subject matters such as Banking and Finance, Laws, Marketing & Communications, and Information Technology.

    Our translation services mainly include:
    Dodument translation

    Website & software localization




  3. Interpretation

  4. As a Chinese translation firm, Sinolinguist provides interpreters trained to the professional standards of the China Accreditation Test for Translators and Interpreters (CATTI). This means that our interpreters are fluent and literate in both target languages, conversant with the specialist terminology across our areas of expertise and committed to the proprieties of public interest (e.g. confidentiality and impartiality).

    Our interpretation services mainly include:
    Consecutive interpretation

    Simultaneous interpretation

    Whispered interpretation

    Relay interpretation

    Liaison interpretation

  5. Copywriting

  6. Copywriting is an art which requires a passion for language, a creative imagination and good writing skills. Copywriting is crucial for an online and offline success since it delivers valuable content to the consumer and serves as a powerful and effective marketing tool. The aim of copywriting is to manipulate words in order to impress the reader and create brand awareness for your products or services.

    Sinolinguist has considerable expertise in providing several types of copywriting services, particularly in the English and Chinese languages, including:

    Press release & Newsletter

    Website content

    Product description


    Corporate brochure & Whitepaper

    Contract & Agreement


    Our skillful and talented copywriters know all the tricks and techniques of professional writing and they are able to produce right copies for the right situations straight away.
  7. DeskTop Publishing

  8. Sinolinguist is a one-stop language service provider not only for text translations and copywriting, but also for the layout design of text and images ready for submission to the printing house.

    As a language service provider, we understand that the look of a good publication is as important as the translated text, and we aim to satisfy the typesetting and layout requirements inherited with any translation project. We work closely with our clients at different points in the process, to resolve questions about typographical design and layout, as well as localisation issues like currency, time and date, units of measurements, etc. Our deliverable files can be in PPT, PDF, IN DD or any other formats required.

    Our DTP services are done with these tools:
    Adobe InDesign

    Adobe Illustrator

    Adobe Photoshop

    Adobe CorelDraw

    Adobe Framemaker

    Adobe PageMaker

    Adobe Freehand

    QuarkXpress Passport

At Sinolinguist, we focus on the following languages only. Therefore, we have good understanding on your interests and requirements, which is a key factor contributing to our truly user-oriented language services.

  Chinese (Simplified)



  Chinese (Traditional)









Our language services concentrate on the following areas of expertise. Hereby we also set out some typical concent types we handle most frequently:

Banking and Finance
 Legal and Compliance
Marketing and Communication
 Social Sciences Research
 Informaiton and Technology