In a globalized market, right communication across cultures plays an important role in breaking down barriers to
the global market. By combining the best industry practices and cutting-edge technologies, we have developed
proven and effective solutions to assure you quality language services under tight deadlines. Key elements of our
solutions are set forth below.

  1. Certified and Dedicated Linguists

  2. Sinolinguist has a powerful linguist pool consisting of skilled translators, interpreters, editors, and proofreaders with rich experience in translation industry. Each linguist is assigned to fulfill a task falling within his or her expertise only.

    From us, clients can be assured that each linguistic talent is:
    A native speaker of the target language

    A degree holder in translation or equivalent

    Engaged in linguistic services for 5 or more years

    Assessed on a regular basis

  3. Proven and Effective Workflow

  4. At every step during preparation, execution and delivery of your project, we follow a streamlined workflow, enabling us to consistently deliver quality services with faster turnarounds.

  5. Leading and Advanced Technologies

  6. To enhance translation efficiency and accuracy, a number of computer-aided translation and controlled machine translation technologies are incorporated in our daily operations. With these technologies, clients can receive enhanced quality and consistency, faster time to market, and cost-effective productions.

    Benefits from such technologies include:
    Increased quality

    Reduced translation budgets

    Shorter time to go to market

    Powerful translation and localization database